6 suggestions for improving your content for any social media platform
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6 suggestions for improving your content for any social media platform

Social media plays a huge role and an important part of a customer's life. Therefore, gaining your customer through social media platforms and keeping them updated with the developments of your product/service is important.


Short video clips

"The video is more vibrant and persuasive in selling your product/service"

Customers love to watch mixed media in content, but the video is proven to be preferred. Figures show that people who use video in their ad campaigns increase 66% of qualified leads.

However, 33% of your viewers lose interest in the video after 30 seconds, so try to get the viewer's attention quickly.

Interactive content

70% of consumers decide to buy after seeing content that others have shared. So posting content that motivates customers to interact with and share with others creates your brand loyalty. The more likes, shares, and comments your content have, the better it appears.

Some examples of interactive content:

  • Question and Answer
  • Followers surveys
  • Photo comment contests

Humorous and emotional content

When you form an emotional or humorous connection with your audience and arouse their feelings, you ensure that your content resonates well, motivating them to make a purchase decision. Whether it's a funny picture or a touching video, stirring emotions makes your brand human and build a close relationship with your customers.

You've likely seen some companies reaching out to their followers at this level, even if it's just a GIF or meme, increasing the frequency of comments, likes, and shares. 

Respond to comments

"Your interaction with your audience increases the chance that they will interact with your brand"

A very simple strategy, but reaching your customers in the comments is one that works. In social media, many companies are waiting for customers to reach them. The command is incorrect. Communicating, commenting, liking, and even sharing content generates interest in your brand.

Report on your product news

Informing you about your product news around the world is an important way to convince your social media followers. Show them your experience in the field and follow your page from time to time.

Followers Post

"Give your followers a peek behind the scenes"

A brand appears to customers as an object, not as a person. But when you publish human-friendly content, such as management and employee images, they are born with meaning and value. For example, using:

  • Weekly content rotation by staff
  • Funny picture of the week from inside the office
  • Workplace tour
  • Exhaustive offers of products and services

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