5 stages that a customer goes through to buy a product:
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5 stages that a customer goes through to buy a product:

The customer stages are one of the most important points targeted by marketing experts in building their strategic plans in order to create appropriate and attractive content for the customer and his needs, and the customer’s journey stages are divided into 5 phases. Each phase has its own features. Let us know them here:

Awareness stage:

It is the customer's first stage and it is a form of communication and attracting the customer's attention with the product.

Attention-pulling stage:

The customer is at this stage familiar with the product and its details of the benefits and uses, and this stage is preparatory for the interest stage.

    Interest Stage:

    The customer at this stage shows his need for the product and begins to search for it through search engines.

    Decision-making stage:

    The customer arrives at the purchase decision because of his urgent need for the product.

    Post-decision-making stage:

    In the last stage of the customer’s journey, the customer is considered to have completed the process of purchasing the product, and this is the last phase of the customer’s journey for his acquisition of the product.

    How is the customer targeted at each stage?

    The customer is targeted in the awareness stage of describing products and their importance to the target group. While targeting the customer in the attention-grabbing category, explaining the main benefits of the product to the customer, and explaining what distinguishes it from the rest of the products.

    Focusing on the interest stage is to clarify the reasons that attract the customer to buy the products and benefit from them. One of the most important techniques used at this stage is the use of terms that motivate the customer to buy the products.

    The decision-making stage focuses on preparing the customer to make a decision to buy the product, such as: clarifying product prices, clarifying the payment and shipping process, etc., while the post-decision-making stage focuses on re-targeting the customer and attracting him to buy again, and one of the most popular methods at this stage is the use of mail marketing Mail.