About AIM

AIM Center (one of the initiatives of the Kismet Business Solutions facility) located in Medina, which is concerned with spreading the culture of continuity in individual self-development and continuous improvement at all levels, whether personal, self-employment thought or the pioneering spirit within each of us.

The center AIM’s to provide all specialized solutions (advisory / guidance / investment) for each individual according to his current situation, and his needs according to three main sections:

  • Business consulting
  • Professional advice
  • Personal advice

The AIM Center has a set of ways to provide the necessary support, continuous development and continuous construction, in which the beneficiary who wants to develop can obtain either an expert advisor, an experienced mentor or a suitable investor.

Our Services

Business Consulting

It includes sufficient concepts, methods, and decisions associated with the project and make changes in all respects, whether related to (idea, product, organizational, technical, marketing, human, financial and administrative departments) and other basic pillars of any project.


Professional Consulting​

It includes exploration and decision-making for the individual for the purpose of developing his success in his job or his skill related to his strengths in different fields, whether he is (a passion or skill, a job seeker or on the job) and other groups of society.

Personal advice

It includes the various segments of society interested in balancing all the basic life cycle paths they have on the levels (social, psychological, educational, health, spiritual) and others.


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